Wish List

This is my wish list! I know you've seen them around before! Hopefully you have or have seen these items. Some people say they're bad...looks like I'm worse.

Eating/Drinking, and CosPlay (costume play) cels of everyone. Anything with Zel in it.
This Pencil Board/Shitajiki:

Funaho (Queen of Jurai).

Funny cels, cute stuff. Crana-Crana cels (see Private Cels for picture).

Fushigi Yuugi:
Chichiri, and Tasuki cels
This Wall Scroll:

Bakuretsu Hunter:
Marron cels. Especially close ups. Tira in her orange/white Hunter outfit. Big Mama reborn (after she kills herself in the last episode.)

What's that? You have them? Seen them? E-Mail me! If you can, please put the title as "Wish List". ^_^
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