Sailor Moon Posters

Product Code = SMP

Everyone loves a good poster, and these are good. All 3 posters are available for seperate sale, but if more than 1 is purchased, they can be shipped together.

Above is one of the posters. Chibi chibi in a Scout uniform, with the Inner Senshi (scouts), and the Sailor Stars. The poster has a varied color background. Laminated.

The other two look like:
Poster 1:
Pretty Solider Sailor Moon: SS. Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon with Pegasus. Inner senshi (scouts) on right hand side of poster in scout uniforms. Blue background. Says "Pretty Solider Sailor Moon: Super S". Laminated.

Poster 2:
Sailor Moon head shot on one side, with the 3 Sailor Stars in uniform on the left side, and bottom. No writing. Blue background. Laminated.

Sale Price
$6.00 a piece

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