Hi.  If you do not approve of the rules, then please do not order. ^_^

An order reciept, from me, will come via E-mail to you. It will include the product, the shipping, and the total price. If it does not appear, please send e-mail, or retry.

You can pay with a check (10 days to clear, no shipping till it clears), or Money Order. No C.O.D.'s or credit cards.

Price for all items is not calculated with shipping and handling. If you can't afford an extra $5 (estimated), then don't order.

After the item is shipped, responsibility is the buyers, not Shayla's.

If your item is damaged upon recieving, do not open the box. Go to your local post office, and talk to them. If you open it up outside the post office, then they can do nothing about it.

Special kind of shipping means special kind of fee. The fee will come with the total of your purchase.

No purchases from outside US (Canada and Hawaii residents may order, however ^_^). If you are outside those areas, please E-Mail me before you order.

Unless listed, I only have 1 of each product. Don't order 2.

No discounts. Not even for friends.

eBay auction items are only available for auction bids through eBay. Joining eBay is free.

Please continue to Order
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