Neon Genisis Evangelion Sticker Bookletss

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Product Code = NGS

These are sticker 'books' from NGE. Each one is a diffrent character, with stickers. They're not exactly books, they're a cover with a keychain, but are not to be used as a keychain. Each book comes with 4 sheets of stickers, with 4 or so stickers per page. A great thing for someone looking for small stickers. Each book has it's own character, with it's own character stickers, and Eva (if it has one) stickers.

Character's available:
1 Cruel Angel
1 Adam
1 Rei
1 Eve(Contains various stickers of Misato, Ritsuko, and others)
3 Asuka
3 Shinji

Sale Price
$5.00 Each

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