Neon Gensis Evangelion ID keychains

Sorry, no picture
Product Code = NGK

All of these keychain's come in a plastic wrap, with a picture of a character in the front, and the NERV logo on the back. Various pictures of the characters made to look like ID cards are inside, which are paper. The keychain itself is made of plastic, and the chain is made of metal.

Character cover's available:
2 of Misato
1 of Shinji
1 of Asuka
2 of Eva 01
Sale Price
$5.50 each


Additional Information: I kept 2 Misato's for myself, or there would be 4. I carry 1 on a keychain, and I keep it hanging outside my pocket so that I can just grab my key's really quickly. They have really awsome pictures (Misato from episode 1 when her and Shinji were in her car at NERV; Shinji from when he ran away and he's outside and the wind's blowing; Asuka from her introduction episode, right after she steps on Touji's hat; and Eva 01 from...dunno. Great pic though)
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