Ty Beanie Babies

Product Code = Varies, see below!

Beanie Babies, a wonderful craze brought about by the TY company. Now for sale are some of the new and old Beanies that are hard to find!

Kuku the Cockatoo - A brilliant fluff of pink hair, and a long white tail adorn this beanie. Uncommon for his hair, he is a darlin. Product Code = KKB Sale Price = $8

Rocket the Bluejay - A bright bluebird, Rocket is certainly that. He's got a bit of a crest on his head, cute. Product Code = BRB Sale Price = $8

Wise - The 1998 Graduation Owl. He was out late for graduation, but still a cutey. He's getting harder and harder to find, and may become retired soon! Product Code = WOB Sale Price = $30

Keep in mind that all Beanies are in mint condition with tag protectors!


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