Personal Collection

Lina serious?  Whoh..
Yes! Serious Lina cels do exsist! This is a beauty. Perfectly centered, and wonderfully colored. She's next on my list of cels to get framed.

This is one big Zel cel.
This beauty is a pan scan. He's gonna be my first guy to be framed.

Zel is the man.  Ohhh yes.
Zelgadis, Zolf, and Rodimus seated at a table, Slayers vol. 4, after they ask for the orihalcon statue, and Lina n' Gourry turn them down.

Firia and Zelgadis, angry, side by side
Yes! My first Slayers cel with background! What a miracle, and what a cel, the stapled parts were torn, but that's the only problem with it, really. It's great.

I beat that'll hurt.
Firia and her painfully large mace. I bet that thing would really hurt you, if you let it. My first Firia cel. ^_^

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