El-Hazard & Wanderers
Private Collection

I'm a nice priestess of fire.
Fire Priestess Crana Crana - El-Hazard (Wanderers), 1 layer cel. 2 Crana cels I know of. When Shayla, as a child, watched Crana practice her art of fire, and got caught. Framed.

I don't care how much money you have, I've the still the star!
Miz Mishtal and Nanami Jinnai - El-Hazard (Wanderers), 3 layer cel. From when Nanami turns the Shrine of Water into the "Shrine of Waterpark", Miz finds out and yells at her. That's a lot of money Nanami's got! Framed.

Don't make me blow you up.
My prize cel, after Crana. An Ifurita cel. From the OAV's, Ifurita is thinking about blowing Makoto to kibbles. 1 layer cel, not as dark as the scan shows.

Gulp gulp gulp gulp
Afura and her tea, from Wanderers. I picked this cel up from AnimeNation, a nice one. I'm starting a Food Collection soon, she's the first one. ^_^

Alright, look at this mess!
My first Afura cel, this is from Wanderers when Ifurita makes a whirlwind. Subsequently the episode is tape 5, called "Whirlwind". I do believe this is the first time she goes into it.

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